How to Map Multiple Slots in an Abutterance


To make your Bot work with multiple Slots in an utterance, you must first map each one to the correct type of slot. A regular expression can be used to match a flight code or a number of nights to a custom slot type. You can also use regex to map phrases found in an utterance. To add multiple Slots to an utterance, go to the Uterance and Slots tabs. Then, type the slot name into the text box.

The SLOT HTML element is a part of the Web Components technology suite. It allows you to separate DOM trees. Its name attribute indicates that it is a named slot. You can also add a synonym by checking the Allow Synonyms checkbox. After enabling synonyms, you can enter the synonym into the field next to the slot type value. If you don’t want to add a synonym, simply click the X.

The American Heritage Dictionary describes the slot as a “narrow opening for receiving or inserting things”. However, a slot is also a position on an aircraft wing. Opened along the leading edge of the wing, it improves airflow. There are many variations of slots, but the classic ones are the most common. In a casino, they usually feature a slot for each symbol on the slot machine. In addition to symbols, a slot may feature bonus features that give you extra credits.