How to Get Comps at a Casino


When you walk into a casino, you are likely to notice numerous security cameras. They are placed around the casino to keep an eye on patrons and casino employees. Cameras in the ceiling are set to monitor every table and doorway, and can be adjusted to catch any suspicious behavior. Each of these video feeds is recorded for later review. Additionally, the casino has computer chips that control the payout of the slot machines. There are no human employees monitoring the slot floor, but casino security has its own system to keep an eye on its patrons.

Comps are also available for smaller spenders. Casinos also offer club memberships that work similar to frequent flyer programs. Club members accrue points based on their gambling habits and can exchange them for free slot play, discounted food and drinks, or tickets to shows. Comp programs serve as important marketing tools for casinos, as they help build patron databases that can be used for advertising and to track trends in patron spending patterns. So, when you’re visiting a casino, be sure to sign up for the club’s rewards program!

Local unemployment rates have dropped since the casino opened, which may be true. However, these figures must be compared to statewide unemployment rates to find out if the casino has reduced local unemployment. The employment increase may have also occurred due to the natural business cycle, or other economic factors in the surrounding area. If unemployment rates in a particular area have increased during the casino’s opening, it is possible that the increased casino employment was the result of other factors, such as the growth in population.