Casino – A Casino Experience That Makes People Feel Good


Despite the opulent surroundings and entertainment, casinos are ultimately designed to make money by encouraging casino players to gamble and spend more time gambling. This is accomplished by focusing on creating an experience that makes people feel good, even when they lose. This can include everything from lighting and decor to AVL (audio, visual and logic) systems that help shape the environment.

Many casino marketing strategies focus on demographics, such as age and income level, to predict how customers will behave in a particular space or environment. This can be helpful, but it’s important to also consider other factors, such as the emotional decisions that drive people to gamble and how those feelings can be shaped by the space or environment.

When most people think of Las Vegas, they picture a world of opulence, neon lights and throngs of laughing players playing cards and slots. But there are more than just the surface elements to Vegas, and Casino does a great job of laying bare those other layers in an epic crime drama that ties together mob families with politicians, Teamsters unions and the Midwest mafia.

The movie’s energy comes largely from the performances of Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. Both are at the top of their game here, but Stone is especially memorable in a role that both builds on and inverts her performance as Basic Instinct’s Catherine Tramell. She oozes devilish charm while still exulting in her ability to seduce men and keep them focused on her.